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The new comfortable iPhone Twitter client

A short description...

Snowfinch, our new Twitter client for iPhone, is still in development. To be more precise, its going to first beta tests soon.

We will start rolling out first beta in the next days. A part of this beta tests is not only about bug fixing, it is also about feature finding and new ideas.

Current features that will make your life with Twitter more easy:

  • Use retweet quotes
  • Long tap will open up options for the tapped tweet
  • Use filters on images directly in Snowfinch right before you post your status
  • Swipe the tweet and quickly retweet, fav or reply a tweet
  • Tell your followers what song you are listening to, with just one tap
  • Your current location is attached to your tweet, with a single tap and only when you want it to
  • this list will get longer with every new version...
What's going on right now?

Current Version is 0.4.3 (2016-02-02)

Base features are going through testing a lot on different devices and improve with every minor version.

  • Added streaming on Wifi connection
  • Added settings for imagesize and streaming
  • Links to links ar opening in-app
  • Changed from stars to hearts

Next bigger tasks are

  • Lists
  • Direct Messages

Stay tuned for more infomation

Apply for beta test phase

I am going to deliver Snowfinch through Apples Testflight to a group of selected users.

The plan is to expand the test group step by step. I want to do this with every iteration of bugfixing, so i do (hopefully) not get all bugs over and over again. ;)